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Manager of Regulatory and Policy
Position Description
1 Year Contract Position

Expected Starting Period: January 2021

Position: Manager, Regulatory and Policy, The Explorers and Producers Association of Canada
Reporting Relationship: Vice-President Operations

Overview Statement of Role
The Manager of Regulatory and Policy has accountability for supporting advocacy and lobbying to governments on EPAC strategic priorities. Specific focus areas will include competitiveness, regulatory efficiency, climate change policy,  indigenous partnerships and market access issues with the Canadian Federal Government and provincial jurisdictions. Where these Federal issues cross into provincial jurisdictions (especially in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) then efforts will occur within those provincial regions.

The individual will work closely with the EPAC President, Vice- President, Board Members, industry producer members and government officials. The focus of this role is on Government at both the elected official and civil servant level. Advocacy and support to advocacy will occur both in formal written submissions, support for those appearing before Government virtually, and through in-person meetings. The Manager will contribute to the development of fact based, solution orientated and broadly supported EPAC positions, for changes to policy, legislation, government approaches, regulation and in some cases administrative processes. The Manager will also support social media efforts and work closely with other industry associations and consultants. The main focus of the role is to produce written documents (communications with governments as well as briefing notes) for the EPAC President and Vice President. At times, the Manager could also be assigned their own files to work with EPAC members and government.

This non-partisan role will require an individual to successfully work across political party lines and could involve work with Unions, rural communities, ENGO groups, think tanks and other policy advocates. The Manager will be an intermediate member of a small EPAC team made-up of a President, Vice President of Operations, Senior Director of Research, Manager of Communications, Corporate Manager, and Public Affairs Consultants.

Purpose of Role

  • Support the EPAC President and Vice President with communication and analysis.
  • Undertake basic analysis of critical data and statistics that support key regulatory arguments (this may come from industry, government, public data or through conversations with government staff across Canada).
  • Build consensus (or in some cases close to consensus) among EPAC membership on a specific EPAC advocacy position around specific issues.
  • Work with members and a variety of stakeholders to ensure policies/legislation/processes are changed or put in place that support the growth, reputation and public interest of Canadian oil and gas development (focused on drilling rather than mining).
  • Ensure members are seeing delivery of results (or in some cases an effort to get results where results may not be possible at the present time).
  • Determine the best approach and method for advocacy on a specific issue, which most likely to result in successful advocacy.
  • Lead or undertake the crafting of key advocacy positions.
  • Work closely with public affairs consultants to determine best path forward on a file and risks to EPAC (and its members) during government communication.
  • Collaborate with media.
  • Regularly support EPAC’s goal of broad membership communication on categories of importance to members.
  • Resolve members concerns with existing, draft, or new government policies, regulations or actions that improve the growth of Canadian oil and gas resources.
  • Provide a constructive voice to governments that provides a balanced, but clear, lobbying position on EPAC issues.
  • Represent member interests in public settings.
  • EPAC’s focus is on government advocacy rather than public advocacy.


  • Produce well written communications, briefing notes, and specific submission to government for the EPAC President and Vice President on various technical files related to regulatory, environmental science, fiscal and economic items.
  • Undertake analysis and produce results that can be used by the EPAC President and Vice President in communications with government, the media, or the public.
  • Establish and run specific advocacy files focused on the Canadian Federal Government.
  • Regularly write briefing notes, advocacy positions and letters for submission to government, ABCs, and public communication material.
  • Work with lawyers, economists, geologists, land specialists, engineers, accounts, scientists, and other professionals in crafting a majority view position for EPAC on specific technical files.
  • Coordinate with other possible partner organizations (BCBC, Canadian Chamber, CAPP, Canada Action, IRC, governments, etc).
  • Facilitate, chair, and produce material (mostly advocacy positions) for EPAC committees and working groups.
  • Represent EPAC and members on Government established committees
  • Work with the President and engaged consulting firms to ensure the development and execution of an EPAC Board Strategic Plan
  • Develop and maintain professional relationship with member and external stakeholders to ensure main concerns are being met and action can be taken if the Vice President deems appropriate (breakfasts, lunch, coffee, events, trips, presentations, etc.).
  • Work with all EPAC staff as a unified, collaborative, and supportive team to determine the division of work and ensure key priorities are delivered for members.

Key Candidate Criteria

Experience: Direct experience with the Canadian Federal Government and/or Provincial Governments on matters of policy development (having worked within a government is an asset). Five plus years of experience in various technical and/or public affairs roles closely aligned with government activities and natural resource development. Proficiency and knowledge in energy, environmental and indigenous regulation, law, and policy. Experience with media and public communication considered useful. Preparing government style written briefings and reports essential for this role.

Education: Bachelor’s degree or technical advanced qualifications in relevant disciplines (such examples could include engineering, economics, law, natural resource management, political science, or environmental science). Public policy and administration as well as communications and public affairs degrees also valued for this role.

Language Skills: English essential. French fluency to an intermediate level considered an asset.


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