Become a Member

EPAC’s 2019 – 2020 Membership year runs from October 1st to September 30th.

Between July 1st and September 30th of the current year we encourage new members to join for the next membership year at the full price listed on the rate forms found below and we will include the bonus of the remaining current year’s membership.

Interested in becoming an EPAC Producer Member?

We are currently updating our membership fee schedule for our Producer members.  Contact us directly with your annual boe/d (separate the oil and gas totals) and we will send you an invoice for the correct membership amount.  

Membership Fees:

  • 0 – 100 boe/d $590.00 plus GST
  • 101 – 500 boe/d $780.00 plus GST
  • 501 – 1500 boe/d $2,230.00 plus GST
  • 1501 – 3000 boe/d $3.350.00 plus GST
  • Above 3000 boe/d Production multiplied by $1.40 plus GST
  • Maximum annual membership fee $80,000.00 plus GST 
  • 60% Default for unknown Gas Weight %
  • 10:1 boe Ratio for natural gas production share

Complete our Producer Membership Application and send it in with your dues payment to join EPAC.

From January to September we pro-rate the membership dues.  Please contact us for the membership amount for the current quarter. 

For Producers with non-Canadian production: your dues are calculated based on Canadian production, please exclude your foreign production when determining your membership dues.

i.e. if there is no Canadian production you are in the lowest membership tier.

Interested in supporting EPAC as a non-producer Associate Member?

EPAC welcomes as Associate Members companies who provide services, products and technology to the upstream oil and gas industry.

If you wish to become an Associate Member  and have any questions, please contact us directly to tell us about your organization and we will respond promptly.

To become an Associate Member, fill out this form, and calculate your dues based on the number of employees in your organization with this dues calculator.  Between January and September we will pro-rate the membership dues.


If you have any questions, contact EPAC at (403) 269-3454 or by email.