Membership Benefits

Membership in EPAC will include benefits for both your company and the industry as a whole.

Your corporate membership in EPAC means you are supporting an Association whose mandate is to represent and advance the interests of the upstream oil and gas industry. We represent our members to governments, regulators, the media, community leaders and the general public.

Our goal is to preserve and enhance the fiscal, regulatory and operating environment for our member companies and to help shape government policies, which will support a thriving, and prosperous upstream oil and gas sector. Our work is concentrated in the following areas:

Government Relations

  • EPAC works with federal and provincial governments and regulators to promote public policy and fiscal and regulatory frameworks that support a thriving oil and gas sector.
  • EPAC meets with politicians, bureaucrats and regulators, to ensure that the views and perspectives of our members are understood.
  • We work collaboratively with other industry associations to advance the upstream oil and gas industry’s interests and we act independently on issues that are uniquely vital to our members.

Public and Media Relations

  • EPAC regularly engages with the news media to assist them in acquiring the facts and insight they need to present a balanced and accurate picture on issues affecting our sector.
  • From time to time, EPAC will engage in public speaking opportunities or contribute opinion articles to publications that will deliver our views to a broad audience.

Membership Communications

  • EPAC distributes Newsletters and Advisories to member companies, alerting them to news, information and events relevant to our sector.
  • EPAC publishes the Explorer magazine twice a year.
  • EPAC’s website provides access to selected information about the business of oil and gas highlighting the Association’s activities and examining issues affecting our industry. The ‘members only’ section of our website provides additional resources, including archived newletters and Explorer magazine editions; Transportation of Dangerous Goods permits, and other member information.

EPAC Events

  • In March each year, EPAC hosts the EPAC Awards luncheon to recognize entrepreneurial excellence among Canadian based companies in four producer categories: Top Emerging Private Producer, Top Emerging Public Producer, Top Junior Producer, and Top Intermediate/Senior Producer. To learn more about this event go to our event website
  • Both these events are great opportunities to network with other EPAC members.
  • EPAC holds its Annual General Meeting in March, in conjunction with the EPAC Awards.
  • From time to time EPAC will host luncheons featuring promment speakers.

Additional Membership Features

  • Member companies are eligible for EPAC’s blanket Transportation of Dangerous Goods Permits (Alberta and Federal).
  • Employees from member companies with relevant expertise may have the opportunity to volunteer on committees and working groups.

Membership Benefits for our non- Producer Associate Members

Please contact EPAC at (403) 269-3454 to discuss your interest in becoming an Associate Member. The following benifits allow your company to support the upstream industry as well as your client base.

  • EPAC applies your membership dues to support the lobbying and communications work we do on behalf of our sector and the entire upstream industry.
  • Member companies are eligible for EPAC’s blanket Transportation of Dangerous Goods Permits (Alberta and Federal).
  • EPAC provides opportunities for our Associate Members to raise their profiles with our Producer Members through the following:
    • Advertising in our Explorer magazine. Go here to view the advertising rates for the Explorer magazine.
    • Sponsoring EPAC events, including the EPAC Awards.